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Brights bets on classic property Suzy’s Zoo for Greece and Iberia


Brights recently reached an agreement with US firm Lawless Entertainment which will see the Hellenic Distributor and Licensing Agency manage the brands “Suzy’s Zoo” and “Little Suzy’s Zoo” in the territories of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus.

Suzy’s Zoo was established in 1968 by award-winning artist Suzy Spafford. Deriving from Suzy’s own childhood memories, it evokes the spirit of a time before the advent of cell phones and computers, when kids were free to roam their neighborhood and make their own discoveries.

Thanks to its popularity, the brand, initially featured solely on greeting cards, soon expanded into other licensing categories, from publishing to mass market products, not only in its country of origin, the USA, but in a wide range of other countries as well.

In 1999 the “Little Suzy’s Zoo” brand is born. Following the same innocent spirit that drives Suzy’s Zoo, Little Suzy’s Zoo offers an additional and highly complementary range of beautifully-illustrated artworks and designs, slightly more aimed towards toddlers than its sister preschool-targeted brand. In addition, a short-duration Little Suzy’s Zoo animated series, Suzy’s Zoo A Day with Witzy (26 x 2), as well as a varied publishing range, are currently available.