Long before recorded time, ancient and magical creatures called Titans came to Earth from another world, summoned by magicians known as Seekers.

Even in modern times, there is nowhere to hide from the perils of this world, especially for the new generation of Seekers.

This is when a teenage boy, Lok Lambert, makes a chance discovery that changes his normal high school life forever…

Ancient mysteries, battles with the world at stake, epic adventures, thrilling action and strong teamwork power this exciting saga!

Huntik TM © 2012 Rainbow S.r.l. - Created by Iginio Straffi. All Rights Reserved www.huntik.com


Genre Action - Adventure
Production Rainbow Group
Brand's Rights All Rights
Target groups Boys 6-12
Brand Categories Boys, Girls and Family Animation
Countries Cyprus, Greece
Mega Channel Sept. 2013 - Febr. 2014 First Run

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