Justice League

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When global catastrophe strikes, this is when the World’s Greatest Super Heroes answer the call to join the Justice League.

Although our heroes come from vastly different backgrounds and planets, they must learn to set aside their personal differences and fight for a common cause.

  In some cases, their egos are even bigger than their superpowers!  Learning to trust and rely on someone else goes against their very independent natures.

Members of this Justice League may never become “super-friends,” but they must learn to work together as a team to overcome a dangerous array of interstellar invaders and world-conquering megalomaniacs.

TM & © DC Comics.

Merchandising & Licensing


Genre Boys and Girls
Production Warner Bros Consumer Products
Brand's Rights Merchandising & Licencing
Target groups Boys 6-12
Countries Bulgaria, Greece & Cyprus, Nigeria, Romania
Justice League

TV Details

Justice League Unlimited Seasons I & II
Nigeria Various Runs (2014-2015)
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