BRIGHTS is an independent Licensing Agency and Content Distributor specialized in the management of multimedia brands and content geared towards children, youth, family and adult audiences in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus,  Romania, Albania and Bulgaria.

Through local partnerships with top licensees and key media, and by leveraging its team’s experience and expertise in the industry, BRIGHTS implements a tailored long-term development for each brand, maximizing exposure and revenues.

Working as a local extension for foreign Licensors, BRIGHTS attains assurance and brand integrity while maximizing market penetration, consumer awareness and income generation.

Since its inception in 2010, BRIGHTS has managed to successfully undertake massive M&L and promotional campaigns (e.g. “Patty” in Greece), has placed no less than 30 animation and live action series (including specifically-sourced Mega TV´s and Silverbird TV´s content blocks), and has extended its collaboration with major distributors and rights holders across different territories (e.g. Warner Bros. Consumer Products has appointed Brights as their representative in  Romania, Albania and Bulgaria, from 2015 onwards, which follows Brights’ current management of Warner Bros. Consumer Products in Greece).