Lil’ Ledy

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The Lil’ Ledy brand being a lifestyle brand is all about empowering girls and women showing them the beauty of life as well as the beauty each of them carries inside.

It’s all about taking on the right attitude, accepting yourself with all your strong sides and little flaws. That’s what makes each person unique. The World is here to be explored, not feared. One doesn’t have to live in imaginary worlds to experience real magic. Everyday life is full of special moments. Each day is a little adventure of its own.

The Lil’ Ledy brand was created and developed to build a strong positive resource for girls and women giving them a character they can relate to. Positive, fun, vibrating. Not perfect, just special!

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Brand's Rights All Rights
Target groups Teens & Tweens
Brand Categories Non TV Brands
Countries Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain

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