DC Superfriends

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With virtually 100% awareness among their older brothers, sisters, moms, and dad’s, toddler boys want to experience “My first super Hero” versions of these timeless DC comic characters – Superman, Batman, Acquaman, The flash, Green Lantern and more illustrated to reflect toddler proportions and styling, these DC Super Friends have strong mom approval and are aspirational and safe for toddlers.

ROBIN – The boy Wonder – Batman’s teenage sidekick!

KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG – Superman’s best friend.

HAWKMAN – The winged wonder (flies with his wings and anti-gravity belt!)

CYBORG – The Human machine can transform his body into weapons to fight crime !

TM & © DC Comics.


Brand's Rights Merchandising & Licencing
Target groups Boys 6-12
Countries Bulgaria, Greece & Cyprus, Nigeria, Romania
DC Superfriends
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